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You set all the terms.
You write the questions. Choose between 12 different gameplays then mix and match your favorite athletes and stats
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No salary caps, no house edge, only multiple-choice questions tailor-made for the everyday fan
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How does HOFr work?

HOFr is a peer-to-peer social marketplace where sports fans can create, share and participate in paid-entry daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests centered on live sporting events. HOFr offers users the ability to create contests on most major sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS. HOFr users can customize their own DFS contests by setting the terms (entry-fee, number of seats, number of questions and prize distribution) and generating the content (sport, match-ups, players and statistics). Once a contest is created, a user can share it to the HOFr homepage where other users can choose to submit an entry-fee and compete against each other to earn the prize.

How do I create a contest?

Select ‘Create’ on the bottom line navigation in the HOFr app. From there, follow the prompts and instructions provided to set the contest terms and craft the question content to complete your submission. The adjustable contest terms include the entry-fee, number of seats, number of questions and prize distribution. The question content involves choosing between twelve (12) different game types (or questions types if you choose to create your own) and then editing the sport, match-ups, players and statistics covered. Once the listed requirements for contest creation are met, including a minimum of five (5) questions, a user can submit the contest and thus share it to the HOFr homepage where it becomes available for all users (including the contest creator) to participate.

Do I have to get every question correct to win?

No. You do NOT have to get every question correct to win. It’s one of the many things that makes HOFr so great!

Can I track my picks during the game?

Yes. All HOFr contests feature a live leaderboard which updates as the sporting event(s) develop.

How can I scope out my competition?
On HOFr, you are able to see other users' picks, play history and achievements. That way, it's always a level playing field in the pursuit to become the ultimate HOFr!