Official Rules

Date of Last Revision: 25 March 2022

HOFr offers both free-to-play and paid-entry fantasy sports contests where users are challenged to predict a series of statistical outcomes for cash or cash equivalent prizes. The points and eventual scores are calculated in a unique way by assigning values to correct answer choices – less likely outcomes are worth more points than outcomes with a higher likelihood. The user with the highest total score wins the contest.

Users with superior knowledge about players and player matchups included in the contest questions will perform better than those who do not. However, winning outcomes always reflect users' knowledge and skill about the statistical results of players in sporting events.

Free-to-Play and Paid-Entry Contests
HOFr contests consist of a variety of multiple-choice questions in which users submit predictions based on statistical outcomes. Paid-entry contests have a set number of limited entries per contest. Furthermore, paid-entry contests require a fee to join and are limited to one entry per user. Free-to-pay contests do not require an entry fee and are available to all eligible users. Prizes for both types of contests are fixed and will not change once the contest is available in the HOFr app.

Contest game types
HOFr offers six different game types: 50/50, Showdown, Dynamic Duos, Primetime Picks, Double-Double and Neck & Neck.

Users answer a series of over/under questions about a predetermined set of statistics associated with specific players (i.e. Will Tuukka Rask have over or under 29.5 saves? Over or Under).  
Users answer a series of multiple choice questions involving a statistical comparison between two individual players (i.e. Which player will throw more strikeouts? Gerrit Cole or Jacob deGrom).
Dynamic Duos:
Users answer a series of multiple choice questions involving statistical comparison between pairs of players (i.e. Which pair of players will have the most assists? Devin Booker & Chris Paul or Jrue Holiday & Khris Middleton).
Primetime Picks:
Users answer a series of multiple choice questions about the statistical performance of multiple players in a single primetime matchup; the questions vary in type. (i.e. How many touchdown passes will Aaron Rodgers throw? 0-1, 2, 3, 4+).
Users answer a series of multiple choice questions involving two individual players and a pair of individual stat-lines. Will either player, both, or neither reach or exceed the stat combo? (i.e. Which player will throw for at least 250 yards and at least two touchdowns? Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Both or Neither).
Neck & Neck:
Users answer a series of multiple choice questions involving a spread between two individual players. (i.e. Will LeBron James have 2.5 or more assists than Kevin Durant? Yes or No).

HOFr will establish the jurisdictions in which a user must be located and of which a user must be resident in order to enter any contest. Eligibility for entry into contests can vary depending on the game, prize, sport, competition and such other variables as may be determined by HOFr. Legal residents physically located in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Washington, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia (the “Ineligible Jurisdictions”) are not eligible to create an account, deposit funds, participate in fantasy contests offering methods of entry deemed as consideration, and win cash or cash equivalent prizes. Furthermore, in order to create an account and play, you must, at the time of the registration, be at least 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence, whichever is greater. For further information regarding eligibility, please consult our official Terms of Service.

Account registration

HOFr does not allow for a single person to maintain more than one account. Multiple accounts are prohibited. If HOFr determines that you have opened, maintained, used or controlled more than one account, penalties may include, but are not limited to, termination of access to service, disqualification from current and future contests, and prize revocation. Any or all of your accounts may be terminated or suspended and any prizes you've won may be revoked, withheld or required to be returned.

Maximum entries

HOFr allows only one (1) entry per contest per user. There are no exceptions.

Guaranteed Contests

Paid-entry Contests labeled as "Guaranteed" will always run and pay out whether or not all available contest seats are filled. Some contests, however, require a specified number of participants. In such cases, if the number of participants is not reached before the contest’s start time, then the contest will not take place and all entry fees will be refunded.

Contest cancellations

HOFr, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel contests at any time without any restrictions and to make any ruling it deems to be fair. All entry fees paid for a cancelled contest will be returned to users.

Contest submission
When you opt to participate in a HOFr contest, follow the prompts and instructions provided to complete submission. For both free-to-play and paid-entry contests, you must adhere to the given contest's rules for your submission to be considered as successful. For paid-entry contests, you must submit the required entry-fee, which will be debited from your HOFr account balance, to qualify as a successful submission.

Each question within a contest starts with a possible value of 1,000 points, but the value of the correct answer is ultimately determined by the number of users who correctly answer each question. The more users that answer a question correctly, the less value the associated question is worth. The number of points available per question is determined by the number of user responses received multiplied by 50 and rounded up to the nearest multiple of 1,000. For example, if there is one question in a contest with 100 user responses submitted, the points available for the question is 5,000 points (because (100x50) rounded up to the nearest multiple of 1,000 = 5,000). The total answer value will always be a multiple of 1,000.
For example, assume the following questions and answer distributions in a contest with 100 users: “How many passing yards will Dak Prescott have?”

“How many passing yards will Dak Prescott have?”
Answer Choices
# of Times Chosen
Answer Value
a. < 276
b. 276 – 300
c. 301 – 325
d. 326 – 350
e. > 350

If Dak Prescott throws for 350 yards, then each of the 30 users who selected answer choice “d” will receive 167 points. If Dak Prescott throws for 351 yards, then each of the 10 users who selected answer choice “e” will receive 500 points. To be clear, only participants who select the right answer will receive any points.

Contest leaderboard
Once a contest locks, and entries are no longer allowed, HOFr’s leaderboard will be available to view and follow along. Until the contest officially closes (meaning, when the payouts are awarded) any information, statistical or otherwise, communicated via the contest leaderboard is for entertainment purposes only. Once a contest closes, and contest winner(s) have been determined, the game details and leaderboard will be finalized.

Contest winners
HOFr intends to resolve contests as quickly as possible, but the number one goal is to do so accurately. This requires waiting until the official box scores are finalized. As there can be difficulty obtaining official results or issues with scoring, contests are often resolved by the following day. On rare occasions, the final box scores are revised after they have been released. When that happens, the scores and results on HOFr will not be updated. However, if a correction needs to be made due to a problem with the data feed or the resolving process, then the contest will be correctly re-resolved and results (including payment) will be reversed.

Payout structure
All prizes are established and made known to users in advance of all contests and the value of prizes are not subject to change dependent on the number of participants or the amount of any fees paid by participants.For each contest, HOFr will determine and set forth a specific prize distribution, i.e. a number of winner spots that shall receive a proportion of the prize. For example, HOFr may specify for a specific contest that the users with the top five (5) cumulative point rankings shall receive a proportion of the prize(s). If a prize pool is advertised, the first winner spot will receive at least half of the guaranteed prize pool with the remainder being split amongst the rest of the winner spots. For example, if there is a contest with a $1,000 prize pool and a top five prize distribution, then the user in the first winner spot with the single highest cumulative point ranking will receive at least $500. The remaining prize amount will then be distributed sequentially according to the order in which the remaining four winner spots are placed in the cumulative point rankings. For more information on prizing and payouts, please visit our FAQ.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits: You may add funds to your account to pay contest entry fees by any of the methods permitted on the HOFr App. Such funds will be deposited into your account upon actual receipt of the funds. Due to administrative costs, the minimum amount you can deposit into your account in any one transaction is ten (10) US dollars. In accordance with state-imposed deposit limits, HOFr may restrict deposits in any calendar month to $1,000. All payments into your account must be from a payment source on which you are the named account holder. In order to run appropriate identity checks, comply with applicable rules and regulations, and help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, you will be required to provide a valid name, mailing address, date of birth, and any other information deemed necessary to verify you, e.g. valid driver’s license, proof of residence or government identification number. While your account is pending verification, you may be able to deposit funds into your account and participate in paid-entry contests, but you will not be able to withdraw any funds from your account until verification is complete. If HOFr is unable to verify you, it reserves the right to suspend your account and withhold any funds until such time as it has been able to successfully verify you.All user funds are held in a separate, segregated bank account. If you're having issues depositing money, please contact HOFr at and a representative will assist you.

Withdrawals: You may withdraw cash prize winnings (excluding bonuses and promotions) once funds have settled into your account. Due to administrative costs, the minimum withdrawal amount is ten (10) US dollars, unless you are closing your account. Account holders with pending deposits must wait until those funds clear before requesting a withdrawal. Any withdrawals are delivered via the withdrawal method you will select. Fund withdrawals are processed immediately but might take up to seven (7) business days to be received. If you do not receive your withdrawal of funds after seven (7) business days, please contact our customer service at HOFr reserves the right to suspend your account and/or withhold your withdrawal of any funds pending completion of any investigation of reported or suspected abuse. HOFr may conduct account verifications for compliance with the Terms of Service, including anti-fraud verification on playing patterns and deposits prior to processing a withdrawal. HOFr also reserves the right to require proof of identity, to verify age and/or identity, prior to processing a withdrawal.  Withdrawal payments will not be processed until such verification is complete. If the requested additional information for verification is not received within ten (10) business days, the withdrawal request will be cancelled and the account suspended. If your account is revoked for a violation of the Terms of Service, HOFr reserves the right to determine whether to declare as void any transaction placed by you. If a prize has been awarded to an account revoked due a violation of the Terms of Service, HOFr may withhold the prize or revoke the awarding of any prizes associated with such account. 

Bonuses and Promotions:
HOFr may award bonuses and/or promotions to users that participate in free-to-play contests, deposit money into their account, and for other marketing purposes. However, those bonuses and/or promotions cannot be withdrawn from your HOFr account. Any attempt to abuse HOFr award bonuses is prohibited, and may result in loss of bonuses, cancellation of winnings and/or a suspended account. Furthermore, HOFr reserves the right to remove any bonuses that remain in an account 30 days after it was initially credited and subsequently not used to participate in a paid-entry contest.

HOFr Coin:
HOFr Coin (HC) are rewards which can be used to enter any contest of your choice. HC have no cash value and thus cannot be withdrawn. However, they can result in real money winnings/payouts.

HOFr Coin can be earned as part of promotions, first-time deposit matches and free-to-play contest prizes. HC awarded as a result of deposit matches are locked until you play through the corresponding deposit. Users that win HC via free-to-play contests become ineligible to win HC again for a period of 30 days.

All HOFr Coin rewards expire if they go unused for a period of more than 30 days. For a complete breakdown of your HOFr Coin balance and history, visit the ‘Wallet’ section of the HOFr app.

Want more information on the Rules? Click here to visit our FAQ