Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

How do I temporarily or permanently close my account?

Simply submit a request to

How are my funds protected?

All user deposited funds and winnings are held in a separate, segregated bank account. This account is controlled by an independent accounting team within the HOFr organization and verified with an external auditor in compliance with state regulations.

Can I update my profile picture?

Yes. Simply tap the edit icon in the ‘Account’ section to add or update your profile.

How is my account protected?

All data and traffic is heavily encrypted with modern industry technology standards. Any and all payment processing is directly handled by our payment gateway and processor. In an effort to protect user data and privacy, all information is secured and handled through multiple data encryptions and authentications.

We do not transmit, store, or process credit card information. When users attempt to make deposits, they are redirected to our payment gateway within our application to ensure that payments are secured at the highest level with full PCI compliance through our partner. Once payments are completed, users are redirected back within the application to their account balances.

For more information about how we protect our users, please check out our Privacy Policy.

How much of my HOFr profile is visible to the public?

Other users on the HOFr platform are capable of seeing your profile photo, username, and display name when they are friends with you or you are entered in the same contest. Otherwise, your account is completely private.

How does the HOFr ranking and badging system work?

Your HOFr rank and badges can be viewed from the ‘Account’ section of the app. The more games you play and the more contests you win, the higher your rank on HOFr. All users start off as rookies but can rise through the ranks to become the ultimate HOFr (Hall of Famer).

There are two types of badges you can unlock: badges for games played and money won. Try and unlock them all on your way to being crowned King HOFr.

How can I adjust my notifications?

HOFr encourages all users to turn on their notifications so they can be alerted when new contests are available as well as remain up-to-date on the status of their contests. Select ‘Account’ and then ‘Notifications’ in the HOFr app to customize which sports or channels you’d like to receive notifications on.