Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play

Game/question types

HOFr offers twelve (12) different possible game types as well as the option to create your own contest. When creating your own contest, a user can choose between any of the twelve question types which make up the twelve game types. Users can customize contests where each question uses a different question type or where each question uses the same question type.



Over / under player outcomes

Example: Q: Will LeBron James have over or under 25.5 points? A: Over, Under


50/50 Deluxe

Over / under for two players combined

Example: Q: Will LeBron James and Anthony Davis combine to have over or under 50.5 points? A: Over, Under


Stat ranges

Single player outcome ranges

Example: Q: How many passing yards will Tom Brady have? A: 0-250, 251-300, 301-350, 351+


Dynamic Duos

Stat ranges for two players combined

Example: Q: How many combined passing yards will Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have? A: 0-425, 426-500, 501-575, 576+



Head-to-head on a single stat

Example: Q: Will Mike Trout have more hits than Aaron Judge? A: Yes, No


Neck & Neck

One stat, two players, one is favored

Example: Q: Will Connor McDavid have 1.5 or more shots on goal than Sebastian Aho? A: Yes, No


Yes or No

One player versus one outcome

Example: Q: Will Max Scherzer have more than 7 strikeouts? A: Yes, No



Two or three players head-to-head

Example: Q: Which player will have more assists? A: Ja Morant, Luka Doncic, Tie


Tag Team

2-on-2 on a single stat

Example: Q: Which pair of players will have the most assists? A: Ja Morant & Luka Doncic, Chris Paul & Kyrie Irving, Tie



Two players versus two outcomes

Example: Q: Which player will have at least 80 receiving yards and at least 6 receptions? A: Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, Both, None



Two players versus two different outcomes

Example: Q: Will Nathan MacKinnon have at least one assist and Sidney Crosby have at least one goal? A: Yes, No


Mix & match

Two players, two stats, one outcome

Example: Q: Will Derrick Henry have more rushing yards than Stefon Diggs has receiving yards? A: Yes, No


For more details, please see our Official Rules.

How HOFr works

Welcome to HOFr! This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

HOFr is a peer-to-peer social marketplace where sports fans can create, share and participate in paid-entry daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests centered on live sporting events. HOFr offers users the ability to create contests on most major sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS. HOFr users can customize their own DFS contests by setting the terms (entry-fee, number of seats, number of questions and prize distribution) and generating the content (sport, match-ups, players and statistics). Once a contest is created, a user can share it to the HOFr homepage where other users can choose to pay-to-play and compete against each other to earn the prize.


HOFr contests consist of a variety of multiple-choice questions in which users submit predictions based on statistical outcomes. All contests require a fee to enter. Paid-entry contests have a minimum of five (5) questions, a maximum of six (6) participants and a limit of one (1) entry per user per contest. Prizes are fixed and will not change once the contest is available in the HOFr app.


When you opt to create and/or participate in a HOFr contest, follow the prompts and instructions provided to craft and/or answer the questions to complete your submission. After you successfully create a contest, your contest will be posted on the HOFr homepage for yourself and other users to play. A contest creator can choose to participate (or not) in their created contest by selecting it and following the prompts from the HOFr homepage. All users can create a contest without paying an entry-fee, but in order to participate in any paid-entry contest an entry-fee (which will be debited from your HOFr account balance) must be submitted to qualify as a successful submission.